tErbaEk !!



jOm kEnaLi dA mEanIng oF bEstFRen fRom A-Z

   accept you as  u are
B   Believe in having fun
C   Cherish time together
D   Dream big dreams
  Enrich, cOmfoRt and dELight
  Follow up and follow trough
G   Grow forever memories
H   Honour each other feelings
  Invite u into their heart
  Juz call to say how are you
  Knows when sumthings up
L   love u so much ♥
  Multiple joys and divide sOrrOws
  Nurture each other soul
O   Overcome adversity together
  Pick u up when u are down
Q  Quickly forgive
Remind u owez
S   Smile when they think of u
  Thrive on shared trust
U   Understand u very well
  Value time together
W   Walk with u
X   Xprience up and down
Y   Yearn to sTay connEcted
Z   Zest to live, love and laugh

~tO aLL mY bEstfReN i LovE u sOo mUch fReN~